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Science and Academia

Science and academia

Has somebody in your department, institute or faculty been asking what Gender Mainstreaming means for your work? Are your university or your clients promoting the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming in current research? You can find information on the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming here.

Are you involved in a research project in which gender issues play a part? Should the gender equality aspect be made clear in a project application or a publication?

Would you like to know more about Women’s Studies, Men’s Studies or Gender Studies in Germany and are looking for an overview of relevant institutions, courses, and research facilities?

Are you already implementing Gender Mainstreaming in your research or are you currently researching gender aspects in a subject area or policy field? You are welcome to let us know about relevant publications and websites. Just mail us at

Or do you have other questions about gender as a research category, on data and statistics that are differentiated in terms of gender, on Gender Mainstreaming in the award of research contracts or on the issue of gender bias?

Are you yourself an expert? Is your institution looking for experts for Gender Mainstreaming consultancy or gender training? Then you can use our Gender Mainstreaming expertise database.

The GenderCompetenceCenter offers you information on the strategy Gender Mainstreaming

You can find more information on the services offered by the GenderCompetenceCenter here.

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