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Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming

With Gender Mainstreaming, gender equality is integrated as a cross-sectional task into day-today working life, into all routines and procedures of an organisation. The intention here is to achieve gender equality-oriented results at all levels. The central method is to differentiate target groups on a gender-related basis, making it possible to find specialist solutions that fit better and are more efficient. The implementation of Gender Mainstreaming covers the steps necessary to make both the organisation and its specialist work oriented to gender equality. Implementing Gender Mainstreaming does not mean just activating one-off measures. The implementation of GM is a process which is integrated into changes within the organisation. GM is therefore a part of organisational development.

The implementation of GM requires various competencies. The management of an organisation has competency for steering. It is responsible for initiating and sustained measures. The development of an implementation concept is a central requirement for implementing GM in a manner assuring quality in the policy fields and subject areas. The communication of steering of the implementation process at the level of specialist work is done by means of information and communication, securing acceptance, consultancy and training.

The implementation of GM at the level of specialist work involves making an inventory which analyses the current state of gender equality (status quo) within the policy field or subject area. On the basis of the results of this, gender equality goals ensure a clear implementation course. If the goals involve measurable units, then efficient and successful implementation can be assured as the evaluation result.

The process of implementing Gender Mainstreaming at organisational level:
Implementation of GM at the level of specialist workImplementation of GM at organisational level

1.    Competencies in the implementation process

2.    Implementation concept

3. Implementation of GM in the policy fields & subject areas

4.    Evaluation

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