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Associations / confederations / trades unions / trust foundations

Have you been asked what Gender Mainstreaming means for your work?

Do you wish to “gender” the services you offer?Have you already asked yourself how you can give proper attention in your specialist work to the diverse life situations of women and of men?

Do you wish to see your organization develop in a way that is oriented to gender equality?

Is your institution looking for experts for Gender Mainstreaming consultancy or gender training? Then you can use our Gender Mainstreaming expertise database.

Are you wondering how equality of opportunity, promotion of women and anti-discrimination relate to each other?

The strategy Gender Mainstreaming is not only important for political work and administration, but can also positively affect the work of associations, confederations, trades unions and foundations. The gender approach allows the organization to develop in a way that is oriented to gender equality, keeping in mind the diversity of life situations of its members. But gender competence also allows areas of responsibility to be shaped in a more target oriented way. Gender Mainstreaming can thus contribute to sustained success.

The GenderCompetenceCenter offers you information on the strategy Gender Mainstreaming
You can find more information on the services offered by the GenderCompetenceCenter here.

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