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Public relations

Public relations

Public relations are enormously important in the media society in putting forward the identity, direction and values of an institution. Public relations include external presentation, communication and publicity. Public perception is also affected by the way the institution’s products are designed.

The tools of public relations are primarily text, image and sound. Efforts have been made for a long time to adapt these tools to promote gender equality between women and men in and using public relations.

Language is crucial, as language affects perception and world view. Gender-sensitive language is therefore an integral part of professional public relations work. The same holds for the use of pictorial materials. Even apparently gender-neutral images of people are perceived by the public as being male or female images, perhaps to be emulated. If gender is not part of the system of thinking, there is a danger here that men and women may, even unintentionally, be addressed and represented in a generalised and stereotypical way. This consolidates prejudices and does not reach all those who could be reached. Gender-sensitive public relations work therefore increases efficiency in this field of action,

As far as the Federal government administration service is concerned, the Federal Equal Treatment Act (BGleiG) [German site] prescribes that gender equality must be taken into account when writing texts. There are also numerous Gender Mainstreaming tools which give examples in the form for instance of guidelines for the gender-sensitive design of print products for the way in which public relations work can be optimised. The Federal Government now uses a Working Aid for Public Relations Work [German site] for implementing the strategy of Gender Mainstreaming.

There are several gender aspects which are important in public relations work.

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