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Education is the key to the labor market, enables social participation and communicates values and provides orientation in an ever more complex world. Thus, education and training determine a person’s life opportunities. Access to education and the form and content of education should be such that as many people as possible can benefit from education provision. Free and equal access to education regardless of social origin, place of residence, gender, way of life, etc. is the basic requirement for a democratic society.

Learning spaces: The family and school are the main places of learning for children and young people, but universities and (political) educational bodies are also important social learning spaces. This is where girls and boys and women and men learn together about a gendered world. How must the conditions for education be created so that all people can benefit equally from education? What content must be communicated by education provision so that the equal treatment of boys and girls and of men and women is promoted? Gender Mainstreaming offers the opportunity to shape educational work in such a way that gender stereotypes are avoided and cemented notions of roles can be broken down.
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New media: New forms of learning are taking on particular importance in the information age. The ability to use a computer and the Internet is increasingly becoming a key qualification. Access to information technology still continues to differ greatly between boys and girls. To deal with these issues, the European Union introduced Gender Mainstreaming into all education programmes in 1996. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Science has applied the strategy Gender Mainstreaming to the topic area of new media in education in a pilot project. This started from recognition of the fact that the integration of multi-media forms of teaching and learning as teaching, learning and working methods in Germany on a permanent basis and a broad footing will only be successful if the learning and teaching needs of women as well as men are equally taken into account in the development of educational software.

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There are several gender aspects which are frequently important in the subject area of education.
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