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Policy decisions rely just as much as economic and social action on research data. Without solid knowledge there can be no result. The quality of research findings can be enhanced by means of Gender Mainstreaming.

Many actors and not least Ministries at federal and state level regularly commission research. Gender Mainstreaming in the award of research contracts means integrating questions of gender equality policy into the entire process from conception, award and execution right through to evaluation. This involves two main aspects:

Content: The integration of gender aspects into the research project. The Federal and State Government Commission for Educational Planning and Promotion of Research for the area of health research (BLK 2000, 17) is intended for example to ensure this. To ensure quality in research and get as precise a picture of reality as possible, it is necessary for example for Gender Bias to be avoided in the collection and interpretation of data.

Participation: On the other hand, the personal representativity of the researchers, e.g. as equal as possible participation of women and men and their gender competence with regard to the research subject of study.

How can the fulfillment of these two aspects in a research project be ensured? And how can it be ensured that the researchers fulfil the desired criteria?


BLK für Bildungsplanung und Forschungsförderung: Frauen in der Medizin. Ausbildung und berufliche Situation von Medizinerinnen, Heft 117, 5. Juli 2004
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