Almost all institutions, from private sector organizations to public administrative authorities to associations and other groups, use reports to pass on information internally as well as externally, but also for their public relations work. For public administrative authorities, reports are moreover an important steering tool. Reports are a foundation for the formation of political will and help the Federal Parliament, State Parliaments and local councils to make decisions.

Regardless of whether an institution draws up a report itself or simply gives an opinion on a report by someone else, Gender Mainstreaming in report writing means that

●    all those involved in all phases of drawing up the report take gender into account,
●    the topic of the report must be differentiated in terms of gender and
●    attention must be paid to gender equality in the presentation.

In short, with GM, reports are differentiated in terms of gender and oriented to gender equality.

In implementing the strategy Gender Mainstreaming, including in reports, the Federal Government uses the Working Aid on Report Writing [German], for which there are also notes [German]. This working aid is intended for all report writing carried out by the federal administration, regardless of whether this involves overall reports (e.g. annual reports by the Federal Government), reports in subject areas (such as health reports) or reports on measures (such as for certain pieces of legislation). The individual building blocks of the Working Aid can be flexibly adapted if need be. The Working Aid can also, if need be, be modified and usefully used for reports outside the administration.

There are a few gender aspects which are important in the policy field of report writing.

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