Function and use of tools in the process of implementation

Tools are accorded a particular usefulness within the framework of the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming. They fulfill various functions, by means of which they support successful implementation:

Aid in thematization: The main function of tools is to make putting GM into practice in day-to-day work easier by encouraging a consideration of the respective project in a way that is oriented to gender equality by means of targeted test questions. When tools are applied consistently in day-to-day working life, they support staff in highlighting gender aspects in any given project. Selected examples can make access easier to gender aspects in the respective policy field and/or subject area.

Specialist technical standards: Many implementation processes begin with the development of one’s own tools. These serve the purpose of consolidating knowledge acquired in the course of pilot projects and translating this into technical standards. Successful pilot projects can be recognized in that transferable findings are gained via effective ways of doing specialist work in a manner oriented to gender equality.

Impulse to communicate: It is also conceivable to use a tool that has been developed by external people. In both cases, the quality of the tool must be tested in day-to-day work. In this test phase, tools fulfill another important function in the implementation of GM. They serve as an impulse for communication to clarify general questions relating to GM. For example:
  • What gender equality policy goals are being pursued with the strategy GM?
  • What is meant by the term gender?
  • What questions are needed to identify gender in our own specialist work?
Raising these questions as topics in training courses on the application of tools does not only enhance the gender competence of the staff. They will usually also contribute to a higher level of awareness of the strategy in an organization within the context of informal conversation.

Systemization of work processes: The introduction of tools within the framework of the implementation of GM leads in many organizations to a systematization of work processes and improved comparability of results, and therefore to enhanced efficiency of specialist work. Evaluations should be carried out at regular intervals to ensure continuous adjustment to changing work requirements and new developments in gender studies research.

You can find information on problems of acceptance, their causes and ways to solve them under Application of tools.

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