Levels and function of controlling in connection with the strategy Gender Mainstreaming

Controlling is...
  • the structured treatment of decisions as work processes, part of knowledge management in public administration (e-government),
  • the enabling of self-steering by means of transparency of processes,
  • not an overburdening, but rather promoting “sustained management”
thus ensuring
  • clarity in decision-making processes and responsibility structures,
and is not
  • control, but mutual process accompaniment,
  • more work, but efficient,
  • more difficult, but also reduces workload.

There is more information here under Gender Controlling – what is it?.

Sometimes “Gender Controlling” is spoken of in connection with the strategy Gender Mainstreaming. But two different types of controlling are being referred to:

a) gender in controlling

b) controlling of Gender Mainstreaming

You can, for example, read about what controlling means in the context of Gender Mainstreaming for the Federal Government here.

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