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Gender Mainstreaming Expertise Database

The GenderCompetenceCenter has in conjunction with others involved in consultancy and research developed a database for GM expertise.
  • You can use the database to search for certain people who are experts involved in Gender Mainstreaming consultancy.
  • You can also register yourself in the database if you are involved as an expert in Gender Mainstreaming consultancy - Please note that registration is no longer possible.

Experts can register and persons and organizations seeking to award consultancy contracts can search the database free of charge using electronic access. Further information on how the database works.

Aims of the database:
  • The database supports quality assurance in consultancy by allowing you to find exactly the right experts for your consultancy needs.
  • The database allows experts to make their competence in the field of Gender Mainstreaming known.
  • The database facilitates cooperative ventures and promotes the networking of experts with each other.
  • The database thus supports the implementation of GM.

You can find tips on implementing GM with the aid of consultancy here.

And here are some more aids for orientation in the matter of quality of consultancy.

Are you looking for a Gender Mainstreaming expert in, for instance, a particular subject area? You can search the GM Expertise database here for exactly the right consultants for you:


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